Spite: The Mountain God

Topdown Adventure

The purpose of this project was to create a diablo-like 3D-adventure. Many challenges arose, especially regarding navigation-meshes and the VFX-pipeline. My contributions focused mainly on core gameplay-features, pipelines for our level designers/technical artists and a simple integration of the FMOD-audio engine.

This project was made during 10 weeks at 50% with a team of 16 people. List of members here.



    - Added a feature to our animation-handler to calculate bone-positions and rotations from local space to world space.
    - Implemented a pipeline for particles and meshes to be attached to animated bones and triggered via in-game and animation-events.
    - Added a feature to send custom shader-data together with VFX when a particular event is triggered.

Level Pipeline/Navigation Mesh:

    - Added a prefab-like system to our pipeline to spawn gameobjects/enemies easily from our node/script-system. 
    - Implemented a loader for our navigation-meshes to calculate node-costs and indexes.
    - Added debug-tools for our navigation-meshes to visualize triangles picked and paths calculated.


    - Added a state-machine to our main character to handle animations/VFX. 
    - Implemented 3D-picking/unprojecting to handle interactions and attacks with enemies from user-input.
    - Implemented player/enemy-movement to work with our navigation-meshes.


    - Added a basic implementation of the FMOD-sound engine to handle all our sound events and music streams. 
    - Implemented sound-events to be triggered directly from animation-events. It helped us alot to design our sound around our animations.


  • Date

    December 2019 - February 2020